Dates: 1, 2 & 3 October 2011
Venue: Zoroastrian Club, S.P.Road, Paradise, Secunderabad

Stall layout


Dept of Information & Public Relations, Govt of A.P.             1, 3, 5 <---------(PRINCIPAL SPONSOR)

A P Tourism, Govt of A.P.                                                       4, 6

Dept of Employment & Training, Govt of A.P.                            11

HelpAge India                                                                        2         <---------(PRINCIPAL SPONSOR)

Indian Red Cross                                                                     7

Gold Age Ashram & Hospital                                                    8, 10

Aware Global                                                                           9

Daichi Insurance                                                                      12, 14

Anaya Medical Systems                                                           13

Oriental Bank of Commerce                                                       15

Secunderabad Diagnostic Center                                               16

VOICE                                                                                     17

Kamineni Hospital, King Koti                                                      18

KIMS                                                                                       19

State Bank of Hyderabad                                                           20

Global Tele Links                                                                      21

Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Ltd                                                22

Dr. Agarwal's Eye Hospital                                                        23, 25

Saket Engineers Pvt Ltd                                                           24, 30

Silver Oak                                                                               26

Aircel Ltd                                                                                27

Robotouch (Bhagyalakshmi Industries)                                      28

Infronics Systems Ltd                                                              29

J Kasturi Jewellers                                                                  31

Jacquar                                                                                  32

Mediciti                                                                                  33

Kosmic Kanextion                                                                   34  

KVIP                                                                                      35

Elixir Retirement Homes                                                          36

Turaga Foundation                                                                   37

ING Life Insurance                                                                   38

HM TV                                                                                   39

Exhibition reception                                                                 40

Astha Siddi Yoga Kendra                                                         41

Chaitanya Mahila Mandali                                                        42

Positive Homeopathy                                                               43

Rohita & Palm Leaf Platters                                                     44

CADRE                                                                                  45

Legal Counseling                                                                     46

FAPSCO                                                                                47

APSCCON                                                                              48

Thodu Needa                                                                           49

Swarna Sandhya's Event Mgmt                                                 50

Aarogya Foundation                                                                 51

Assisted Home Care Services                                                   52

Sujata                                                                                     53

MEANS                                                                                  54

Aasara – GHMC                                                                      55, 56, 57

Old age homes pavilion

Natural Health Products                                                           58

Ashraya Old Age Home                                                           59

Om Sai Vruddula Sevashramam                                               60

Gayathri Old Age Home                                                           61

Kamalamma Welfare Organization, Tukaam Gate                      62

 Annapurna Old Age Home – Kukatpally                                   63

Vivekananda Senior Citizen Home – Sivarampally                      64

Mamatha Old Age – Ramanthapur                                            65

Prema Nilayam – Lungar House                                               66

MS Reddy Old Age Home – Moula Ali                                      67

Basera Old Age Home – Kacheguda                                        68

Abhaya Kshetram – Tirupati                                                    69

Who can exhibit

• Healthcare / nutrition services and products
• Insurance and banking services
• Tourism and recreation facilities
• Real estate
• Post-retirement job opportunities
• Companionship avenues and old age homes
• Horticulture, painting and other hobbies
• General / legal / psychological / psychiatric counseling
• Security services
• Benefits / schemes available from government / NGOs / private sector
• Products & services required for comfortable and joyful living of senior citizens

Visitors profile

• Senior citizens
• Inmates of old age homes
• Families / care givers of senior citizens
• Senior citizens’ organizations
• Employees of corporate organizati
• NGOs, students and volunteers

Terms and conditions

  1. The layout of the Exhibition and detailed specifications of the booths are provided herewith, however, organizers reserve the right to modify the same without prior intimation.
  2. The dimensions of the individual stall shall be 9”x9” or 9” x 18” to suit the individual requirements. Stalls are fabricated with standard system with 3 sides closed. Each stall is provided with following items:
    • Stall with Company name in white paper die cut letters
    • One table and 2 chairs
    • Spotlights two nos.
    • One power socket 5 Amps
    • Carpet
  3. The list of additional items required, if any, should be furnished at least fifteen days in advance on the prescribed form and full charges for the same should be paid in advance. All the dimensions of the exhibits must be within the dimension of the allotted space/ stall and no material should project outside the same. All lighting must be arranged in such a way that it should not create any disturbance to other exhibitors. Public addressing or music systems should not be used.
  4. Electricity shall be provided for the spotlights only as mentioned above. Additional power, if required shall be provided at additional charges. The exact requirements of additional power need to be informed at the time of booking.
  5. The last date for booking the space for stall is 20th September 2011( subject to availability). Booking can be closed at an earlier date.
  6. Payments: please complete this form and return it with your full payment. The rental charges and other charges are to be paid by Bank Draft/ Cheque in favor of Federation of Organizers of Elderly Homes in AP (FEDEHAP),
  7. Cancelling charges: In case of any cancellation, the rental charges paid shall be forfeited.
  8. The allotment space for stall is done on first come first serve basis. The right to reallocate the stalls is reserved with organizers and their decision will be final in all situations.
  9. Maximum two representatives are manned for each stall. These representatives must come early before the exhibition starts and should stay after the closing of the exhibition.
  10. Exhibitor shall insure their representatives, exhibits and display material against loss, damage, theft, fire, or any other cause whatsoever. A comprehensive insurance is recommended.
  11. Exhibitor will be required to make the structure or ground if any damages are incurred at setting up/ during the exhibition/ dismantling period.
  12. Handbills and other printed matter, if any, should be distributed only from the space allotted to the exhibitor. Exhibitor must not distribute, paste or otherwise affix or exhibit any advertisement in the exhibition venue outside the space allotted to him.
  13. Rights of exhibitors shall not be assignable to any other firm or person and no exhibitors may assign his space or sublet the whole or any part of the space contracted for, without express permission of organizers.
  14. All the material provided is strictly on rental basis for the exhibition period only.
  15. No foreign object may be stapled, nailed, screwed, or drilled to the stall structure.
  16. Painting or covering the panels with wall papers is not allowed.
  17. Pasting with glue/ rubber solution on panels/ floor is not allowed.
  18. Limited space available for parking.
  19. Organizers will not be responsible for any loss, damage, or injury, or theft or damage there from.
Stall coordination: 
Mr Sunil, +91-85001 05838
Mr Anil.G, +91-998 555 9889